BID News

11 October 2017

Stage is set for ‘17 Christmas

The Christmas lights in Newmarket have been a saga over these last years. As of now, at least you as businesses can be assured that there will be lights in the town centre for Christmas as long as we have the BID, without going through the same rigmarole each year of ‘will there? Won’t there?’ And what they may look like.

The BID has partnered with Newmarket Town Council to deliver a new scheme from scratch. Whereas before the lights were bought and paid for by NTC and covered approximately 80% of the High Street, the new scheme – delivered on our behalf by The Festive Lighting Company – will cover 100% for the first time. Rather than purchase the lights, we will be leasing them, which significantly lowers the cost and enables us to improve their reach. Years 1 & 3 will have one design, and Years 2 & 4

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