BID News

15 December 2017

Newmarket gets FREE Wi-Fi – thanks to Newmarket BID

Free Wi-Fi will be available in the town from 15th January, for the first time ever.

Newmarket will very shortly be a connected town centre, as free Wi-Fi, courtesy of Love Newmarket BID, with co-funding from Forest Heath District Council, will go live on 15th January.  Activities that require an internet connection are no longer confined to home or the office – access to the digital world is now easier than ever whilst out and about in Newmarket!

The majority of the town centre – from the Clock Tower plaza to the Memorial Hall, and the smaller lanes covering East and West of the main centre – will have free coverage and download speeds of up to 5Mbps per second, bringing a truly connected experience to businesses, residents and visitors to the town.  We’ll be issuing marketing materials to BID members in early January, explaining how the system will work to benefit  customers.

Get Connected

In Wi-Fi settings select ‘Free-Wifi-NewmarketBID’.  Registration is available through four options (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and registration form). Registration is only required once; afterwards the device will automatically connect to the free Wi-Fi whenever it is in range.

Wi-Fi and footfall analysis – original 2016  proposal

Love Newmarket BID is seeking to install a Wi-Fi scheme within the BID boundaries to improve connectivity and to attract and retain businesses and visitors.

After a robust tendering process, the BID team identified Elephant Wi-Fi Ltd as the most suitable provider. This was both in terms of cost, but also importantly, ability to meet the brief of being innovative and solving a complex technological issue of maximising member visibility, detailed data analysis of the town centre usership’s demographic profile, and providing a service within a competitive marketplace.

The BID team were impressed with Elephant Wi-Fi’s claim that they will enable the BID to influence visitor’s buying behaviour and increase sales turnover and members’ satisfaction, by better understanding the town’s customer base and shoppers’ on-street activity.

In return for allowing people to connect to the town’s wireless network – a guest Wi-Fi solution, the BID will get their permission to collect and retain specific information. This information includes data about the visitor, how often they visit, how long they stay and by using tracking data, understand how they moved about the area. This data can then be used to enhance the visitors’ experience and promote Newmarket by means of targeted messages, social media and campaign marketing. It will also inform us as to the strength of the retail and leisure offer of the town, so that we can make informed decisions on its future as partners.

A landing page to promote the town will also be created, and BID members will be encouraged to advertise on the platform to reach out to potential new clientele. There is also an option to monetise certain elements and seek to bring in additional revenue. This is an exciting phase in Newmarket’s desire to better connect to a Digital High Street platform, and such activity has already proved a big success in places like Norwich, Hinckley, Northampton, Oxford and London. The entire system will also be connected to the BID’s social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter, and the system will ask every user to either ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ us. This will increase the number of people connected to our brand and town socially, and enable us to make informed marketing campaigns to a targeted audience.

Within the proposal for consideration, is the Geo-Sense footfall monitor. This will enable the BID to monitor the movements of wireless devices and provide accurate location mapping, footfall tracking and asset tracking statistics. The BID will work with Elephant to determine the most robust reporting structure, both for the BID and key stakeholders, and for the members. However, key determinates already include day-to-day and week-to-week comparisons, dwell time and zone analytics – all features which feature highly on competitors’ agendas, but who are limited to camera technology only when recording footfall. All data would be shared with West Suffolk Council if so required, although ownership of the scheme and system would be retained by the Newmarket BID Ltd.