BID News

15 December 2017

BID’s Nutcrackers arrive in Newmarket

Thanks to Love Newmarket BID, 13 giant Nutcrackers arrived in the town over the festive period.

Each Nutcracker was named by children from our local schools, and were placed into 13 businesses across the BID area, with the aim of driving footfall into the town and into the host enterprises. A children’s trail was then developed, with one lucky entrant winning £1,000 to spend in any retailer, restaurant or service provider, before the big day itself. The winner was Maisie Baker from Newmarket, who correctly identified all 13 locations with mum Laura Perry. They now get to choose where to spend their richly deserved reward!

Costing a total of £12,000 per annum, the Christmas statues gained significant media attention, with local BBC and commercial news outlets choosing to feature them. Newmarket BID was the first Business Improvement District to secure them for any town or city in the East of England.

Nutcracker List 2017:

Nutcracker Name School Location
1 Crack-Me-Up-Chris St Louis Catholic Academy Inside The Guineas-Shopping Centre – Bus Station entrance – cable to roof struts Stand POS
2 Captain Star Houldsworth Valley Primary Academy Inside Moons Toy store Stand POS
3 Ditton Soldat Ditton Lodge Primary School Inside Palace House Museum Stand POS
4 Pistachio Moustachio All Saints’ CEVA Primary School Post Office wall between Post Office & Jockey Club Stand POS
5 Sargent Slipper Cheveley C of E Primary School Outside Greggs Stand POS
6 Nijinsky Fairstead House School & Nursery Rous Road by Corney & Barrow in front of Whatley Lane estate agents side window Stand POS
7 King Julian Kennett Primary School Green By John Ryan Stables Stand POS
8 Toby Moulton CEVC Primary School Memorial Hall Stand POS
9 The Duke of Newmarket Great Wilbraham Primary Inside The Guineas-Shopping Centre (In front of Yellow wall) Stand POS
10 Max Laureate Community Academy Inside Peacocks Stand POS
11 Snowflake Exning Primary School Inside Waitrose Stand POS
12 Nutmeg Paddocks Primary School Inside Hmmburger Window decal

If you would like to have a Nutcracker in 2018, and didn’t have one this year, then please contact us, and we will add you to the list.  Pictured is Max the Nutcracker, who was in Peacocks, with Aimee Setter (Store Manager), her team, and our Christmas elves.